Do you provide home visits?*

Clare Shuttleworth-Richardson

Last Update 3 months ago

We recognise that some people find the whole area of estate planning daunting and confusing.

That's why we're not surprised when there's some hesitancy about writing your Will online. 

We get it - many people just prefer the face-to-face interaction, or at least the comfort feel that there are some real humans behind the business.

After all, it's about leaving your legacy - so why leave it to a computer?

So let's go back to basics

Writing your Will online is about making the whole process as cost-efficient, transparent, safe, secure and centralised as possible. It's designed to cut out the complexity and costs of using a traditional lawyer.

That's why we recommend in the first instance that you at least try out our basic service online - only because you'll find out that it's super easy

After that, if you feel you still need help, or you'd like to talk to a real human, our home visit service is designed to put your mind at ease and to demonstrate we’re very much a human company. 

Simply book a callback and then choose a time and date that’s convenient for you.

We’d be happy to schedule a (no-fee, no obligation) visit to your premises to discuss your circumstances, answer any specific questions you may have and handhold you through the process.

Or, you can also call a member of our team on 01233 659 796.

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