What is the Cost of Writing a Will?

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Last Update 5 months ago


Squiggle's mission is to transform the experience of writing a Will.

In line with our Code of Practice, we believe everybody should have a Will. Therefore, we want to make the cost of writing a basic Will as cost-effective as possible without incurring unnecessary legal fees.

To this end, you can use our direct online services (see below). We'd be happy to provide you with a fixed price quote for a more complex estate plan, such as a Lifetime Will/Trust or Estate Administration.

This article provides a clear breakdown of our basic services. You can also review the fees section in our Code of Practice here.

For our tailored services, we invite you to contact us so we can set up a specialist consultation.


If you're looking to Write a basic Will independently, the following options are available directly on our website:

  • Basic Will: £45
  • Mirror Will: £65
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA): £95

These prices are designed around a simple self-service process and include VAT.



Many of our clients are in unique situations that require a specialist, tailored consultation, such as the following services:

  • Lifetime Will/Trust: We will tailor this to your unique estate planning circumstances and needs.

  • Estate Administration: This tailored service accounts for estate administration and distribution after an individual has passed away.

Please note that the costs for individualised services will depend on your unique requirements and the complexity of your Estate.

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