What makes Squiggle unique?*

Trevor O'Hara

Last Update 3 months ago

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider working with us at Squiggle:

1. Our mission is to transform the experience of writing a will

Many of us have been in the estate planning industry for years and we've listened closely to your frustrations about how archaic, slow, complicated, expensive and fragmented the industry is.

Squiggle is built upon a mission to transform the entire experience and make estate planning uncomplicated, cost-effective, and most of all safe and secure. You can learn more about our mission if you visit this page.

2. We provide several options to ensure you keep your costs low

Squiggle removes the need for you to consult with expensive lawyers by giving you the power to write your own will online and to update your estate plan at any time - from the comfort of your own home.

For areas of estate planning that require our intervention such as estate administration or probate services, we'll always be transparent upfront about any additional costs.

3. We save you time by providing everything a single, central location

Writing a will and constantly updating an estate plan can often be frustratingly time-consuming - digging out documents, finding relevant information, meetings with lawyers and other specialists, waiting for people to get back to you.

With Squiggle, the next time you need something, simply enter your username and password and you have full control by having all documents in a single, central location, ready for you to update at any time. And we'll send you alerts if something is about to expire or you need to take action on something. For further information on our services, click here.

4. We're secure (as in VERY secure)

Confidentiality is something that we take extremely, so seriously that it's a key pillar of our quality guarantee.

Our document storage facilities meet the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012, using military-grade storage and security standards.

We guarantee security and confidentiality of your data and we undertake to never forward your personal data without your express written consent.

5. We remove the friction

We've all heard about the family squabbles about who gets what after somebody has passed away. In our experience, a lot of this is down to lack of clear communication, unclear expectations, or too much friction in the whole estate planning process (finding documents, communicating to everybody, coordinating everything).

Emotions are already very high when somebody passes away without the added burden of sorting out somebody's estate. But by having documents in one single, central secure location and by having an easy-to-understand process, you're able to cut out a lot of the unnecessary friction related to lost time, poor communication, confusion, or unexpected costs. Find out more here.

6. We operate a very strict code of practice, based on core values

Squiggle’s mission is to provide a fresh and modern alternative to the legal industry’s traditional approach to estate planning.

We focus on your problems and challenges in a transparent way, not on trying to sell you documents and then charging you for the time. For this reason, we’re well on our way to becoming the UK’s top Estate Planning company.

The 9 elements of our Code of Practice cover:

- Confidentiality

- Ethics

- Duty of Care

- Conflicts of Interest

- Fee transparency

- Quality assurance (see Quality Guarantee)
- Professional conduct

- Equality and zero discrimination policy

- Transparency about legal advice

Please visit this page to download a pdf copy of our code of practice.

7. We work closely in partnership with charities and other organisations

Squiggle values philanthropy over profits. We believe we have a responsibility to our local charities to support them in any way we can.

For this reason, we undertake to provide a free will service to donors of any participating partner charity. In return, we kindly ask donors to pledge a donation to you as our partner charity. 

For further information on our partner charity, please visit this page where you can download our partnership prospectus.

We're also about to launch a partnership scheme for commercial partners, so we invite you to check our site again in the near future.

Alternatively, you can contact us for further information if you're interested in partnering with Squiggle.

8. We provide a quality guarantee

As part of our quality guarantee, we undertake 3 promises:

- We guarantee an unlimited number of document edits until you are completed satisfied.

- Although our business is built on the latest and most secure technology, we guarantee you a human response if any issue arises that can’t be solved online.

- We guarantee security and confidentiality of your data. We will never sell or trade your personal data without your written consent. Our document storage facilities meet the highest conservation standards as laid down in PD5454:2012, using military-grade storage and security standards.

For further information, please visit our Quality Guarantee page.

If you're not satisfied with something, you may use the contact form on the same page, email us at [email protected], or use this contact form to provide further details

9. We'll guide you through the process (just in case you need it)

The Squiggle estate planning website is designed in such a way that you write your own will. We've removed the jargon and made the process as uncomplicated as possible. However, we do recognise that at times you may need a helping hand. For that reason, you can also use our phone-assisted service. This is a kind of halfway house, where you still retain full control of the will writing process, but we guide you along with some gentle nudges.

The service is there in case you need it. And it's a good way to allow you to keep your costs under control. 

For further information about the phone-assisted service, please visit this page.

10. We're a nice team of people to work with

There's nothing further to explain here. We just make sure we employ super friendly people.

And of course, if you're interested in joining the team, feel free to reach out to us.

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