How do I become a Squiggle partner?*

Trevor O'Hara

Last Update 3 months ago

Squiggle is always interested in working with new partners and we have a team dedicated to expanding our Community Goodwill Programme.

Under the Community Goodwill Programme, Squiggle pledges to provide a free wills service to your community, business, association, club or charity - at any time of the year.*

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To qualify, you must meet the following two conditions:

  1. You must be a company, charity, association, club, institute or society of any type as outlined on pages 4 and 5.
  2. And your organisation must have a minimum of 30 members or employees.

We run the following types of partnership programmes:


Squiggle is heavily involved with charities and we run a specialised team dedicated to charities alone. Here are some examples of charities we work with:

  • Kent Association for the Blind
  • Ellenor Hospice Care
  • The Bloomers Trust
  • Frederick Foundations
  • Martin House Hospices
  • Abigail’s Footsteps

If you're a charity and wish to become involved, please consult the other questions below and/or contact us at [email protected] to request our brochure, "Working with Charities". Alternatively, you may visit this page or browse additional related questions below. 

Small Business

Here are some examples of the types of small businesses who have partnered with us:

  • Victory Cleaning Ltd.
  • ISW UK Ltd.
  • Spicer Tiles Ltd.
  • Snag Doctor Ltd.
  • Assent Building Control Ltd.
  • Evans and Evans Ltd.

    (*If you're a large organisation and are interested in partnering with us, we'd be happy to provide a tailored programme. Simply reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange an initial chat.)

Sports Clubs

Guideline examples:

• British Mountaineering Council

• Basketball England

• British Aerobatics

• English Indoor Bowling Association

• British Judo Association

• British Computer Society


Guideline examples:

• Camping & Caravanning Club

• Investor Relations Society

• Ladies Circle

• National Association of Railway Clubs

• UK Hand-Knitting Association

• The Kennel Club

Professional Institutes

Guideline examples:

• Institute of Chartered Foresters

• Royal Agricultural Society

• Institute of Fire Engineers

Educational Institutions

Guideline examples:

• Schools

• Colleges

• Nurseries

• Universities

Other Membership Bodies

Guideline examples:

• Women’s Institute (WI)

• Greenpeace

• Woodland Trust

• Wine Society

• Art Fund

• Ramblers Association

Whether you're a charity or commercial organisation, we'd love to hear from you. Simple reach out to us at [email protected] or visit this page for further information.

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