How Can I Make a Payment?

Squiggle Support Team

Last Update 5 months ago

Congratulations. By completing your Will, you've achieved a significant step in ensuring your peace of mind.

Your final step in this process is making the payment. We've made the process as easy and secure as possible.

Here's how:

1. Secure Payment Process

Once you've finalized your Will, you'll be directed to our secure payment page, powered by Stripe (one of the most trusted online payment solutions).

For your security and privacy, Stripe ensures that the entire payment process is encrypted.

2. Complete the Payment Form

Fill out all the required fields in the Stripe form and add your payment details.

3. Confirmation and Receipt

Once you've submitted your details, we'll process your payment.

You'll then receive a payment confirmation as well as a receipt.

4. Potential Queries

If we have any queries regarding the online completion of your Will, our dedicated team will promptly reach out to you to ensure everything is in order.

5. Ongoing Customer Support

If you have any issues or have any questions that are not covered in our comprehensive FAQ library, our customer support team is here to support you.

Simply contact us via one of the options below, and we'd be happy to guide you through the process.

Need to know more or you’d like to discuss your options?

Simply book a callback.

Alternatively, call us on 01233 659 796.

Or use this contact form to reach out to us. 

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