My Payment Has Been Taken Twice. What Can I Do?

Squiggle Support Team

Last Update 4 months ago

We fully understand the inconvenience this rare occurrence might cause. If you discover the same payment has been processed twice, we will rectify this situation immediately in line with our Code of Practice.

Our Recommended Steps:

  • Please review your bank statement: Sometimes a duplicate charge can show up as a pending authorization rather than an actual charge. When this happens, it normally disappears from your account after a few days. Please verify this is indeed the case.

  • Record the transaction: When contacting us, we'll ask you to provide a record of the transaction amount and date. Please have this information on hand before contacting us.

How We Process Refunds

Settlement Period:

We ask that you wait for a period of 5 business days in the event a double charge appears on your bank statement.

Our payment system will detect the double charge and issue an automatic refund.

You don't need to do anything else.

If You Have Not Received a Refund

If you haven't received any refund, then we ask you to contact us straight away via one of the methods below. Don't forget to have your transaction record to hand.

Contact Details:

Simply book a callback.

Alternatively, call us on 01233 659 796.

Or use this contact form to reach out to us. 

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